Note: Before using Tape Tiger, ensure the blade and ski are clean.

1. Hold the hockey stick firmly just below the heel of the blade, with the inside curve of the blade facing you and the handle on the ground between your feet.

2. Grip Tape Tiger with your fore-finger or thumb on the top of Tiger, just behind the ear, or as shown in picture to the right.

3. Place tip of Tiger’s mouth (Ski) at heel of hockey stick blade where tape begins.

4. Raise back end of Tape Tiger until the built in angle on tip of ski lays flat on stick and position tip under tape. Maintaining this angle, push Tape Tiger forward in one continuous motion until you have completely cut through the tape. FOR BEST RESULTS MAINTAIN CORRECT ANGLE TO PREVENT SCORING OF BLADE OR TAPE BUNCHING. 

5. Grip lifted edges of cut tape and peel tape away from stick blade. CLEAN AND DRY STICK BLADE BEFORE RE-TAPING.



Note: Recommended to replace blade after 50+ cuts.

1. Remove screws using a Philips or Flathead screwdriver.

2. Remove the ski from Tape Tiger handle. On the bottom of ski there is a gap provided. Pull downward to remove ski from body.

3. Holding ski on both sides, lift back side of the blade to remove it from the ski. CAUTION: Avoid touching sharp edge of blade.

4. Insert the replacement blade into the slot of the ski. The blade is properly located when the notch in the bottom of the blade rests on the bump in the slot of the ski.

5. Replace the ski and blade back in the Tape Tiger handle. Align the holes in ski and blade with the holes in the handle and re-insert the screws and nuts. Tighten until snug. Do not over tighten to avoid cracking plastic


Note: Stone not intended for sharpening. Remove burrs and nicks only.

1. Make sure skate blade is clean and dry.

2. Hold the skate in a flat, steady position on its side.

3. Rest plastic edge on bottom of skate blade. Position stone flat on side of skate blade.

4. Run stone along blade.

5. Repeat as needed.

CAUTION: Protect fingers against skate blade while using this feature.